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How to open a multi-screen?
All operations should be slow, and should pay attention to safety. Face the screen station easy to use both hands, grasp the screen on both sides along the rail direction light pull screens; rotating screens along the rail direction. Push the screen to its pla...
How to fixed multi-screen?
One hand against the wall, the other hand will handle sets into the screen side elevation material 1100MM at six angles (as shown in the 3 position shown), grasp the handle in a clockwise direction of rotation of 180 degrees (or continuous shaking) wall inside...
How to operate multi-screen door in the door?
 The door in the door is pushed to be placed in position and in front of a screen touch tight, the handle is inserted into the wall side of the recess (Figure 4 below), fixed screen toggle lever upwards to open the screens inner side retractable seals. Op...
what style of movable partition
Movable partition style: 一,Type BM-65, type BM-80, type BM-95, type BM-100, full glass BM-40 and glass with a telescopic type BM-80, Movable partition series of products using the United States DuPont POM hanging round particle material, strong wear resistance
What kind of internal structure in the movable partition?
Movable partition series of products to the glass, melamine board, fire board, color plates, gypsum board and other decorative materials made of inner wall panel module; by aluminum alloy frame and steel made with fire, moisture-proof, insulation, environmenta...
How to classify movable partition?
 Movable partition can be divided into: assembled movable partition, pushing type of activities of partition, folding movable partition, hanging movable partition, volume type movable partition.
How to close a multi-screen?
If you have the door in the door, by playing both sides of the square hole is rotated 180 degrees, through the driving wheel loosen the upper and lower seal, and then close the door in door; opened the final screen telescopic aluminum plate and the upper and l...
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