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About GuangXin

      Guangzhou Guangxin is movable partition, movable screen, office cubicle and movable partition spare parts manufacturers, set research and development, design, manufacture, sale, transportation, installation and after-sale services as a whole, in the continuation of Germany and other European cut off on the basis of advanced technology to optimize the improvement, innovation, a total of more than 10 patents of invention, wherein the movable partition sealing model material of the invention, fill a blank in China.
     Guangxin products have been formed with a number of independent intellectual property rights of the partition series products in China. Guangxin has been in a leading position in the industry, market share rise in the last three years, the products are sold throughout the country and the world. A few years to complete the thousands of item partition engineering, including dozens of five-star hotels, more than one hundred of four-star hotels selected Guangxin construction company products.
     Guangxin earnestly implement the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification marks Guangxin Construction Company is normalized modern enterprise, it also means that the quality of our products are stable and reliable. Guangxin to "novel design, exquisite workmanship, high quality, value of money" known the country, and has been granted authority at home and abroad, "Chinese famous brand", “China green environmentally friendly products” and other honors.
     Guangxin Construction Company always pays attention to the construction industry by using the space changing demand, keen on innovation, elaborate to soundproof technical requirements, fire technical requirements and beautiful artistic state, satisfy the customer diversification personality needs, which show all kinds of interior space characteristics and style.