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What call Movable partition?

   Mobile partition is according to the requirement that make the large space into a small space or the small space into a large space at anytime, with the general function of the movable wall. It has real multiple functions.
   Movable partition is also called movable wall, operable partition, slide track partition and mobile soundproof wall. Movable partition had easy installation, recycled, can be used in industrialized production, fire prevention, environmental protection and other features.
   Movable partition brings great convenience to people, for example activities screen, and you can fold it on one side when you need. So that the two space temporary joint up and appear larger. It’s convenient for temporary department meeting; for example many company rent the mobile high partition, but due to various reasons we might change the place. The traditional partition disadvantage it is easy to show, because you can’t take away the house components. In contrast, movable partition is removable, can take it away, reconfigurable, so the movable partition gets the reputation of the flexible decoration!
   Movable partition with high sound insulation, fire prevention, removable, simple operation, is suitable for the dining hall of the Stars Hotel, upscale restaurants rooms, advanced office building with meeting rooms and other places.  At present, the movable partition, fixed partition series products have been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, multi-function hall, meeting rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government office buildings, hospitals, factories and other occasions.
   Movable partition models: type BG65 , type BG80, type BG95 , type BG100, type BG40 full glass, glass with telescopic type BG80 movable partition.

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