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The green building new materials, environmental protection energy-saving special glass

    Science and technology is developed and common scientific and technological achievements. Light letter partition activity partition enterprise to introduce a new environmental protection and energy saving new glass:
    Can pervious to light and prevent bask in, is good at the summer's hot weather in the outdoor, in winter and is good at the heater heat produced by the "lock" in indoor - after all, this is the magical function of the glass. A kind of new green building materials, environmental protection energy-saving special glass, has passed the Shanghai national 863 project industrialization promotion center organization expert reasoning, be judged as "fills the blank of the glass industry at home and abroad, in the world for its originality", and in the national defense, construction, medical, automotive and high speed train manufacturing and other fields have a wide range of applications.
   And international generally used coating technology to reflection infrared energy saving glass, compared to the our country independent research and development of special glass using the world's first a molten fire technology manufacturing and become, strong absorption of near infrared heat energy, and when the outside temperature decreases with the long wave infrared way to glass on both sides of the radiation, can not only solve the pervious to light and can prevent bask in will warm energy conservation and environmental protection problem, and prevent dizzy, effectively avoid the secondary light pollution.

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