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The definition of movable partition

Partition wall and movable partition is used to split the room and the internal space of the building, which can satisfy the ventilation, lighting effects, and their light weight, thin thickness. Easy to remove and has certain rigidity and sound insulation ability.

Partition project, developed rapidly in recent years, many areas have been adopted. Cut off a wide range of projects, it can replace the heavy plaster finishes projects, change our habits for many years along the wet work, speed up the construction speed. Partition including live partition (detachable, sliding and folding) and cut off dead (permanent partition.) 
  movable partition 
  A live cut off so-called live partition. Is to be divided in the vertical interior space, the space carved out of a single function with a variety of different functions of the space. This form in the interior design is the most common, but the specific form of separation of space and not the same.      
  First:  Furniture partition
  The end of the window by the side wall cabinet kitchen layout, the interior space naturally divided into the bedroom, study room, TV room, and other functions of the small space between them partakers have together, because space is fluid, so the interior space did not feel narrow in the sense that, on the contrary increased the association of adjacent space smell.
  Second: Legislative panel partition
  Pricked in the interior design board, the board can be properly arranged a number of decorative murals, were divided into indoor parlor, dining room for various functions. 
  Third: Soft partition
  Pay attention to choose the texture, color and beautiful cloth fabric, cut off by the form of activities, such as curtain hanging off, the Emperor dispatched technology, etc., will be divided into several different functional interior space. This is the modern interior design space used to separate the usual means. This room can be combined in a divided state of the mobile space, such as the functional needs of any interior soft partition can open, flexible interior space is the ideal form, full of modern flavor.  
  The fourth: Push-pull off
  Push-pull active partition and multi-function semi-partition is a national "Seventh Five-Year" key scientific and technological project during the period, and has been patented. Push-pull active partition can be used flexibly in accordance with the requirements of the large space is divided into a small space or re-open. The flexible system allows anyone to walk can easily move and operate smoothly.
  Suitable for various uses function rooms, banquet hall, gymnasium, exhibition hall and large open space architecture will help the effective use of building space. Multi-function half-wall is the newest office facilities, flexible large space can be easily separated into smaller space.
  Cut off dead. The interior walls are not load-bearing wall is called (dead cut off).  The basic requirements of the wall of their own quality of small, in order to reduce the load floor and the floor layer, thin, in order to increase the use of building area; and in accordance with specific environmental requirements, noise, water, fire and so on. Taking into account the separate room changes with the requirements change, so should be easy removal wall.

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