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Screen cleaning and maintenance

   In recent years the company screens are getting more and more popular, people like to open the office layout design can retain varying degrees of privacy. But mention how to clean the company screens, many people will head. The company screens absence of manage, not only to become dirty, but also relatively easy to damage, and the long-term work in the dirty company environment, easily lead to dizziness, chest distress, fatigue, mood swings and other symptoms, greatly affects the working efficiency, and even cause various diseases occur, the company environment becomes invisible Health chronic killer. Here are a few tips to clean the company screens.
   First, using the fabric protestant spray to protect it. The company screens usually maintenance free dry towel flapping, vacuum at least once a week, with particular attention to the removal of the structure between the dust, but use the vacuum cleaner to clean the company screens, do not use the brush, to prevent the destruction of the company screens textile cloth by the weaving lines become fluffy cloth, but also to avoid large suction, which may lead to the company screens woven lines break, we might consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean. The company screen surface stained with dirt, use a clean rag dampened in water from outside to inside wiped or fabric cleaning agent in accordance with the instructions to use.

   Then, please the professional cleaning companies use professional cleaning company screen once a year, but after cleaning agents must be thoroughly washed off, or else get more dirt. As regards the choice of the cleaning agent, optional specialized cleaning agent containing antifouling agent. Some silicone spray has the effect of dust spray once a month.
   Screen in the use of process, if not promptly clean, will not only affect the appearance, but also reduce its service life, more important is a lot of dust and carcinogenic microbial attachment at the top, there will be bad for our body, so we have to on a regular basis it cleaning and maintenance, maintaining a clean, beautiful environment.
   Cleaning process: first use clean soft cloth to wipe screen surface, the surface of dust sundry sweeps, then use watering can spray mixed clean potions, and then use clean cloth or soft brush cleaning, clean again after with dry soft cloth to wipe gently, remove the water stain.
   You should avoid taking perspiration, water stains and dusting to the company screens, in order to ensure the service life of the screen. . If the company finds that the screen loose thread, do not hand it snapped, application scissors neatly cut flat. The clean companies screens will make you enjoy the comfortable environment of the company. The clean screens the company will make you and your employees prefer to stay in their seats and work.

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