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Partition product characteristics

1、Removable, reusable, partition system materials almost won't bring to the environment of waste, is a green building material, long service life. In the long run, install LATAL high-compartment system material is cheaper and more cost-effective than other forms of partition material.
2、The use of the process, the door, window, entity module, glass partition location can change at any time and can be reassembled to use, and the material passes through, minimal damage, but also can greatly reduce office fee of frequently move.
3、Internal structure can be convenient for cable laying. Do not hit the wall embedded, cable maintenance, easy to replace, the strength of electrical isolation, cable trough can shielding the signal line.
4、Quick installation, per person per day can be installed more than 15 square meters.
5、Fireproof, partition system by the structure and composition of metal, glass, steel and other materials colored with the same fire compartment, fire resistance material can reach 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
6、No odor pollution emissions, after installation can use immediately.
7、The door is sealed, the door leaf is trapezoid, the doorframe is trapezoidal, sound insulation and sealing to improve.
8、Glass door lock can be installed in the central, very easy to use.
9、Blinds can be mounted on the inside, not easy to dirty, free cleaning.
10、The sound insulation effect is very good; partition wall has good sound insulation effect.
11、A variety of material selection can choose double glass curtain, plates, gypsum board, melamine board and fire board.
12、A variety of colors for you to choose, each kind of material in a variety of colors, different color components can be used. Even can be specified by you or provide any color and texture of the decorative materials.
13、Construction noise does not affect people's work and life around.

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