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Partition advantage

   Now the new building materials decorative materials development and operation, selection of the proportion of small, high strength steel material, so that any occasion " partition " become more flexible, so choose the materials produced a variety of styles of " partition " will be more use of conference room, exhibition hall, hotel and a few large clubs.

   Generally a lot of people to choose the type 65 series of partition, because this series of movable partition and movable screen can be divided into 360 degree turn in all direction, monolithic or single direction twin rolling operation, on top of the 65 type overhead rails and hanging wheels, and this can realize the direction, more flexible angle cutting space.

   Movable partition border made of 6063 grade aluminum alloy materials processing and production, and the surface of the oxide sandblasting. This material is the highest grade materials in the same industry.
Applicable to the Stars Hotel, restaurant, hotel, business meeting and entertainment clubs

    Slide track: 6063 anodized aluminum, not easily deformed, installed in the ceiling on bearing hanging movable partition function

    Double horizontal hanging round: Roller material of PA, bearing 6304-2RS Material screw made of No. 45 quenched and tempered steel wire teeth specification M16 (fine pitch), Order of the condolence cut off and connected to the rails on the smallpox, the activity partition in horizontal plane for any angle rotating smoothly through the rails, L, T, X-crossing point, lightweight operation mechanism and route. Its production of novel.

    The upper and lower batten: using material for the anodic alumina, seal the gap among the partition, ground and ceiling. The batten acts a role for soundproof and stable.
Sealing rubber strip: Using PVC material, Tensile strength of 8.15MPA, Shore A hardness of 65 + MPA, tear strength 30KN / M, the surface color is black.  The sealing rubber strip is the role of buffer sealing light contact with the ground
    Medium density fiberboard: reference panel material, material used PACO, density of up to 760kg/m3, moisture content of 6.3%, bending strength ≥ 123MPA, the elastic modulus ≥ 2700MPA, thickness swelling ≥ 15% formaldehyde emission ≥ mg /100g for 34, all accord with GB/T11718-1999.
   Sound insulation cotton:  PAR sound-absorbing insulation glass fiber cotton, fire performance, heat resistance and noise reduction coefficient is accord with the United States ASTM standard.
   Slide track bearing capacity limit per meter: 65 type 225kg, 80 type 450kg, 100 type 1350kg.
   Border sealing device: use of anodic oxidation of aluminum material, the new design is  double-sealed border, the combination of concave and convex, better sealing performance, beautiful appearance, sound insulation effect is more ideal, can be completely sealed from the partition frame narrow space clearance sound leakage.
   Stir gloves: material for the standard 45 steel, plated gong protection engage lever device,as well as the operation of the reasonable use, simple and easy.

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