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Movable partition material introduction

1, Movable partition track and door frame materials for type 6063 - T5 aluminum, hardness of 13 degrees, the surface of the anodic oxidation. Movable partition interior filled with soundproof rock wool
2、Using EPDM sealing strip, this strip has high acid and alkali resistance to tension and the four seasons climate change adaptability and strong environmental protection service life for ten years

3、Hanging round black part of material for the German import materials PTFE, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance; Friction coefficient to 10 million times more still can continue to use

4、Two panel interface uses the environmental protection rubber, composite slot combination, so as to achieve a closer fit, no noise, more environmentally friendly.

5、Movable partition within the upper and lower horizontal telescopic device for pulling bundles and simple and convenient operation, made of 304# stainless steel material, the service life up to 15 years.


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