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Movable partition history

   Traditionally Dictionary screen explained: furnishings in the indoor used wind or as a barrier. This is because in ancient times, before the screen is coming that the leakage was our country civil structure houses problem. In fact, think carefully, the movable partitions are very useful.
   In many ancient costume TV plays, we used to see the beauties were bath behind the screen. Bai Juyi's poem “spring chill grants bath Huaqing Hot Spring, hot spring water wash ningzhi” The poem to describe Yang bath. At that time, their use is movable screen. When they used is the use of a mobile screen out ring live a small piece of place and after using it can take away.
   Now, as long as we observe carefully, there are a lot of dining rooms usually using the movable partition in the canteen that in order to give customers a special space to enjoy.

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