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How to remove or block sound?

 What kind of movable partition can block sound?
   The main idea is movable partition is filled with glass fiber insulation, there have lots of materials. Such as polyester fiber acoustic board and cloth art sound-absorbing board. Movable partition installation door having upper and lower telescoping of one machine, used in space, the door panel adjusting upward and pressing down, and two sides of the door panel is provided with a concave-convex sealer, achieve the sound insulation effect.
   In the selection of movable partition door plate MDF, melamine plate, color steel plate, the movable partition door surfaces can also be made of soft, hard pack, wallpaper, cloth, wood and other decorative surface. They can make to the movable partition screen activity with the interior decoration style fused together; Especially some commercial occasions, hotel, exhibition, conference hall, exhibition hall and so on are required this partition, If this places don’t use the partition to block sound that bad for our health and very easily make people to feel anxious, and it’s also against all kinds of commercial activities.
What’s the meaning of sound insulation? 
   The effect of horizontal seals to achieve the best sound insulation effect, use up and down two sound insulation rubber structure; Use jack principle, the use of air pressure, will double rubber press in the ceiling and the floor in orbit, to ensure high stability high density of the partition
Corner seals mainly adopt special shaped components, the use of special effects to achieve the sound insulation wall forming, solves the corner parts of the sealing on the technical issues, to achieve a " no dead " wall insulation, at the same time, also reached a high stability and high sound insulation effect.
   Vertical seals are used very flexible vertical watertight joint side, using concave-convex groove tightly to the principle, to ensure the best closed and in order to achieve superior sound insulation effect. In the frame processing also spent a lot of efforts, taking into account the wall hanging type structure may be in after the installation free rock. So in the processing it use metal hoop a close combination of theory, effectively blocking the sound transmission. The panel can be in accordance with the interior design need any replacement instead of destroying the wall.

  In the sound insulation material in the skeleton of fill additional sound insulation surface to achieve more excellent sound insulation effect requirements, and operation of the crank manual operation crank control article sound insulation is adjustable, crank in diamond connection bayonet socket agile retroactivity make crank is not easy to slide, but it’s very maneuverable, the skeleton is mainly composed of aluminum alloy and steel pipe composition, strong and deformation of the skeleton match with panel metal hoop parts closely, provide great stability and efficient insulation resistance.


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