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Hotel screen partition choose the beautiful style

Along with the modern Hotel partition decoration more and more popular, exquisite and practical screen partition is becoming a new trend of hotel decoration. Appropriate location into a wall panels, you can get rid of the singularity of the space can also be joined by green plants and other elements, a lot of vitality for the hotel. Through the screen to reveal the deep feelings, in addition to the classical wooden screen cut off, what are the fashion and exquisite screen partition to choose, what kind of screen partition suits own hotel style? The reporter went to the major buying market understanding of popular market partition style, please designers introduced various and hotel decoration style to match the partition type.
  Gorgeous screen partition make you dazzling
  According to a hotel partition supplies store staff introduce: screen partition has a screen and the screen. Screen is a single fan, screen by a fan component, at least two fan, many a few fan, can be folded, wide and narrow, easy to use.
  Colorful partition material 
  Colorful partition material, basically have wood, bamboo, cloth, silk, metal, glass and so on. Compared with the traditional black, white, gray and other colors, partition materials are more colorful.

  Wall panels in the past played the role of the intervening space, but now more emphasis wall panels decorative, thin wall, can keep the good space for ventilation and light transmittance, creating a " compartment and continuous " effect.
  Designers recommend several very personalized screens. One is like the portal screen, is the door like screen there are many panes, pane is designed as photo frame, can be used for decoration. Other one is wine behind striped fabric screen, color dignified, on the screen looks freely hanging pictures, it’s usually became a beautiful line in the hotel. There is a black lacquer wood laminated screen, three-dimensional feeling very strong, on the one hand made monochrome walls became colorful; on the other hand, it is also like a piece of avant-garde works in order to increase a lot of artistic atmosphere in the hotel.

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