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Hotel activities of the wall insulation are only 60 dB?

The development process of movable partition is relatively long; the pursuit of high-quality compartmented removable door is our dream. In order to make the screen wall of noise over 60 dB, only pay attention to beautiful or thickened activities of the wall thickness is not enough, the noise is mainly rely on raw material density and sound insulation etc.
  Our company is specialized in the production of sliding doors and decorative building manufacturers that provide the following insights, for reference:
  Make the screen to achieve very good sound-insulated should possess the following several points:
1、In the sound insulation material for processing, then uses the double mode of making and using high density insulation cotton. This way can prevent mega bass.
2、Super high partition sealing to do special treatment, which should be the natural insulation materials instead of sponge.
3、The sliding door decorative surface needs use sound-absorbing board or acoustical fire-retardant cloth instead of the ordinary density board.
4、High type hanging door materials must be hard enough and horizontal, vertical is better, so that movement of the door and can be seamlessly to a good sealing effect and prevent noise.
5、Ultra-high type room partition screen should choose sound-absorbing curtain, stool and carpet around it. This way should be better.
6、All the soundproof walls are highly flexible vertical contact surface, convex and concave groove in close cooperation follow the principle to ensure that the best closed and sound effects.Some hotels have exceeded 60 decibels or even reach 65 dB sound insulation effects.



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