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Guangxin movable partition-Canton fair on the dark horse!

    Canton fair founded history is very long, because of the high level and large scale, commodity all customers, and influence wide, and become China's foreign trade "wind vane" and "barometer", also is the enterprise to go into the international market, promote the important stage export products.
Canton fair exhibition goods is the key. If no new, strange, special exhibition goods, but only rely on staple goods, it can't be in the Canton fair breakthrough. In October 2011, guangzhou Guangxin movable partition construction technology co., LTD. With their production activities partition, took part in the exhibition. Because of the product and the enterprise than goods, high class, style unique, variety complete, attracted the domestic and foreign merchants pay attention to. Product clinch a deal the effect is remarkable. In the museum of its own, businessman talks enthusiastically, received a total Europe, South Africa, Canada, and other countries customers, volume and price is good. Become a Canton fair on the dark horse!
    The guest to the company's products are of great interest, and understand the activity partition easy installation, can be reused, industrial production, fire prevention, sound insulation, environmental protection etc., in the field full of praise. Some because of the huge demand, came out to the factory and see MangErBuLuan workers to apply for a job and quantity of work, workshop goods clean and neat orderly display, very satisfied. In the sample room, the workers activities from one side wall partition into the house, after open and display to the corner, they opened his eyes wide and feel incredible! Like to see a magic show!
    All this edge YuGuangXin partition to seek better development, better show enterprise culture, to better serve the society, and often for learning! The company is committed to environmental protection in the "people-oriented" design concept, development of standard products. "Exquisite technical, the first-class service, outstanding product" is Guangxin movable partition have always pursuit of the goal. The company with their own strength and advanced management concept, produce to adapt to the era demand high quality partition series, by the social people from all walks of life love.
    It is usually the dots establishes, will receive the recognition of the customers
    Guangxin movable partition for reputation to win the development, to the quality to win the market, all this make Guangxin movable partition products in the fierce competition, the strong competitors in the market in an invincible position.


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