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Guangxin-You worry about choice

   Now the real market partition the follow company little, and when it comes to can change partition industry company more rare, light letter partition activity partition enterprise is really doing it. His production marketing model can say really the brand partition into the ordinary people. Let's look at the light letter partition activity partition enterprise to bring the changes that we decorate.
Light letter partition activity partition enterprises officially launched the square meters valuation, advocate material auxiliary material a pack of exactly. In the light of the enterprise faith partition activity partition exhibition hall, consumer as long as a very short period of time can finish all the material process of choose and buy.
   Guangxin partition activity partition enterprise self-management, assets, self locking production system, realized the partition customized product design, production, installation seamless connection, effectively reduce the risk of consumer, decorate a process control every possible bloomer link, make the best quality products direct consumption terminal, realized the 60%, 40% in the factory in the construction mode, make whole construction period shorten. Light letter partition activity partition enterprise all kinds of creation, is more accurately grasp the pulse of the industry, rather than really pay attention to the results of consumer demand.
   Guangxin partition activity partition enterprise after-sales service has been partition industry benchmarking, the "one-stop" work style after model become the partition industry many companies imitate model, owner without in the decoration company, construction team and material between manufacturers move, light letter partition activity partition enterprise is responsible for the "one-stop" work style.

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