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2012 China partition industry development trend

   The past 2011 years, due to the dramatic deterioration of market, and any already a long time of China partition industry to nature. Now, the industry will realize that the essence of the change is the industry's hope, is under the new situation take "business opportunities" dig the brillant choose.
So far, although partition product concept a little flood, no real partition brand, but partition base with the brand concept into the trend of the development of already very obvious.
   China brand partition between gap is not big, big brand partition products do not have the small brand of good, most is "middlemen brand", "mass consumption brand" can be counted on one's fingers. And, the heavy market marketing, heavy, heavy product less.
   Several years in the future, the market KuanRongXing will be reduced greatly, business, the progress of civilization is a part of the cultural development, quick and dirty products can't be a lot to enter the market. Domestic market to the brand partition is the key. Enterprise in other subjects after used, to improve the competitiveness of the method finally focus to brand come up, and this far more than the price means much more difficult. Moreover, if there is no certain strength, long-term preparation, scientific planning, brand is only an empty talk.
   In the overcapacity situation, market suffered another winter, part of the enterprise be eliminated, the rest of the enterprise does not mean there is a good day. The brand can bring new life to the enterprise, polarization will start.
   China's partition enterprise not heavy design is age-old, with various industries in 2012 the overall rise, partition with consumer resonance sense appear, partition design must adapt to the demand of consumer rhythm to the market, and this one change concerns is the enterprise real level.

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